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Bendigo Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are a huge issue and they can occur in response to a range of weather conditions. It could be a cold night, storm swell, or just changes in pressure in your area.

Whatever the cause, there’s one common thread to burst pipes: they are a hassle, and they cause damage to your home. They need fixing.

Bendigo has its fair share of burst pipes. We offer the chance to get them fixed once and for all, offering expertise to fix the root problem, while dealing with the pipe itself. We make sure that the burst doesn’t re-occur.

What Can Cause A Pipe to Burst?

Pipes will burst when pressure is too high inside the pipe, or conditions around them reach extremes. There are many ways these can happen:

• Clogs, increasing internal pressure
• Old, weak pipe systems
• Freezing temperatures and the development of ice
• Unusually high water pressure
• Changes in the ground around a pipe
• Poor plumbing and mis-connections in the pipes

And you’re going to see these in many properties. They add up to put a lot of homes at risk – and you may need regular checks to ensure that your pipes are healthy for the winter to come. It’s also a great reason to get clogs removed before they become too severe!

How A Burst Pipe in Bendigo Is Repaired

Repairing a burst pipe depends on why it broke and how it broke. Often, we’ll be completely replacing sections of pipe – when they’ve burst due to high pressure or long-term degradation.

In a replacement pipe, we will also check to make sure that the fixation of pipes to each other is ready to go. These can easily be overlooked during replacement and cause recurring problems, so we make sure they’re fitted properly and safely.

Remember that pipes can burst at any time if there’s a blockage or other sudden change that causes pressures to spike. Be pro-active with your plumbing and get it checked today!

Whether you’re trying to avoid broken pipes or deal with one, Plumbers Bendigo is the service you need. We offer no-obligation consultations to help you get ahead of your plumbing problems and fix any issues ASAP.

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